DIY Projects

Most of us, at some time in our lives, decide to build or create things. Sometimes these are for practical reasons, perhaps a new garden or a hen house, but other times it might be christmas decorations or new deodorant, is just for fun.


Whatever your reason, it is for the enjoyment of simply creating something that 's yours. We hope you enjoy the ideas we have and keep an eye out because we have a huge library of ideas that we will keep posting here.

Honey Lip Scrub


This delicious lip scrub gives your lips a smooth feel and tastes pretty good as well.


- 1 Tbsp Raw Coconut Oil (not liquid, solid)

- 5 Tbsp Sugar

- 1 tsp Honey

- 3 drops Vitamin E Oil


- Measuring Spoons

- Small Bowl

- Makes 3 x 15ml Glass Jars



1. Combine them all in a bowl and add to your jars. 

Make Your Hair Shine 

Chemical Free Hair Oil


This beautifully easy to make hair oil is perfect after a hair wash.

It keeps your hair easy to manage and gives it a beautiful shine.


- 4 Tbsp Argan Oil

- 4 Tbsp Jojoba Oil


- Measuring Spoons

- 50ml Dropper Bottle

- Mini funnel



1. Combine in dropper bottle and shake to combine.