DIY Mineral Make-up Workshop

Updated: Oct 1, 2019

Learn how to make your own natural mineral makeup. You will learn how to match your skin tone and make face powder, then turn this into liquid foundation, blush, and bronzer, all at a fraction of the cost of purchasing a ready-made product from the store.

You will go home with:

- Instructions booklet

- Mineral base powder (mathed to your skin tone)

- Choice of either bronzer or blush

Free Recipe - DIY Eye Shadow

Quantity and colour intensity depends on how much Mica you add, have fun with it!


Sericite Carnauba Wax Treated Mica

Pigment or Mica

White Gold Eye shadow -Sericite Carnauba Wax Treated Mica -Silver White + SMALLEST amount of lightest gold colour.

Peacock Blue Eye shadow -Sericite Carnauba Wax Treated Mica -Peacock Blue Mica

Autumn Eye shadow -Sericite Carnauba Wax Treated Mica -Chestnut Brown Mica -Dark Brown Mica -Royal Gold Mica -Orange Sorbet Mica -Champagne Mica

Aquamarine Eye shadow -Sericite Carnauba Wax Treated Mica -Silver Grey Mica -Starlight Green -Sapphire Blue

It really is that simple. In no time you will have beautiful, unique eyeshadows to create amazing makeup looks that will have your friends begging you to make some for them!

To inquire about a workshops in your area contact:

Joanne Kennard (Co-Director CFA)

0410 040 707

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