2.2 Litre System with Pail, Grate and Lids - BPA Free.


How Does It Work?

  • This fermentation system is perfect for fermenting small batches of kimchi or sauerkraut, olives or traditional dill pickles.
  • The grate holds your vegetables under the fermenting liquid, preventing any of your food from floating to the surface and spoiling.
  • The 2-part airlock is easy to clean and allows fermentation gasses to escape on their own while keeping the pail sealed from any contamination. This makes the system much safer and easier to use.


Kit Contains:

  • 2.2 litre fermentation pail.
  • Grate to hold vegetables down, preventing spoilage.
  • Lid with hole and grommet for fitting airlock.
  • 2 part, one-way airlock to seal out contaminates.
  • Second lid without hole for storing your fermented veggies in the pail after fermentation.



  • Convenient and affordable system ferments and stores your veggies.
  • Removable grate holds the veggies down under the fermentation liquid.
  • One lid is fitted with a gromet that holds the one way air lock.
  • A second lid is supplied so you can seal your ferments for storage in the fridge after fermentation is complete.
  • The pail, lids and grate are made of BPA free polypropylene and are fully recyclable.

Fermentation System with Airlock

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