This is a beginner cheese kit, ideal for those with no cheese making experience.


How Does It Work?

Simply go to the store and get 2 litres of whole milk. The next day, you will have about a kilo of the most beautiful quark.

  • Pour out about 1/4 cup of milk from your milk bottle.
  • Place the bottle of milk into pot of hot water to heat to 31° C.
  • Add the calcium chloride solution and culture, close the bottle and gently shake.
  • Keep the bottle warm (over 22° C) for 24 hours.

You are required to inoculate the milk with culture when it is 31° C, and monitor the temperature to ensure it does not drop below 22° C, during the next 24 hours, so you will need a thermometer to check the temperature.

This Kit Contains:

  • A sachet of Mesophilic Soft Curd Cheese Making Culture
  • Two sterile jars (for storing the culture)
  • Calcium Chloride - 40 ml (with dropper cap)
  • Reusable "Tight Weave" Cheese Cloth - 90 cm square
  • Easy to follow instructions

Quark & Buttermilk Kit

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